City of Saranoch

Saranoch is a small port city on the west coast of Tannis. It was the capital of the Duchy of Lasloroch, when there was a duchy. Before the ice started moving south, Saranoch’s main trade was in tree fruits and dairy.

Sections of the City

  • Dwarven Block
  • East Dockyard
  • Mercantile Quarter
  • Warehouse Block
  • West Quarters

Markets & Shops

  • Bay Square Market
  • Clap Street Market
  • South Market
  • Westgate Market
  • Gems & Such
  • Oleander’s Fine Baubles
  • Varni’s Potent Herbs
  • Witter’s Goods Exchange

Inns & Taverns

  • The Broken Leg
  • The Cloven Neck
  • The Fatted Swine

Tradesmen & Scholars

  • Gunners’s Weaponry
  • Harrelstan’s
  • Pallindor car Dorigal


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