The Recent History of Tannis

Tannis has a long and varied history with many rising and falling of nations, racial wars, and long times of peace.

Within the last 300 years, an shining example of civilization rose up; the Tolerand Empire. It was a nation dominated by humans and after over a century of expansion had settled into a peaceful co-existence with it’s neighbors. From the northern ranges of the Brennic Mountains to the steamy swamps of the Raikles, from the mighty Malvost Ocean to the wide, wide Riyae River, the emperors ruled and culture and knowledge flourished. The kingdoms and countries around Tolerand benefited both from the stability it generated and the flourish of knowledge and economic growth it provided.

Then, just over 80 years ago, the ice came. Early autumn turned to deep winter in just a handful of days. Crops unharvested withered in the fields. Cattle, surprised by sudden storms, died in the pasturelands buried under feet of snow. Lands that barely experienced the kiss of winter now enjoyed its deep, deep embrace of freezing temperatures, snowstorms and frigid winds.

During the long winter, civilization died. Not all at once, but swiftly enough. Toleradi, the ruling seat of Tolerand deep in the heart of the Plains of Lynesti, disappeared under ice and snow along with the emperor and his court. By springtime, any regions lucky enough to experience a thaw suffered under floods from the winter melt. With the rocketing death tolls, bodies could not be buried fast enough, disease soon followed. By the beginning of the next early winter, millions of people had died.

With starvation and death staring them down, the people grew desperate. Banditry grew and became widespread. Meanwhile, with the central government gone, the remainder of the ruling class started setting up their own pocket kingdoms to protect what they had. Farms dwindled and lay fallow as families were driven off or killed.

In a single year, live had dramatically changed for everyone. Millions had died, vast amounts of knowledge were lost and the peace and tranquility of Tannis destroyed.

Since that dark, icy day, life has been hard. Famine, floods, droughts, disease. All have been rampant. In addition, each year the snow and ice does not totally recede and permanently claims more land. Where once you could travel over 2000 miles from the Malvost Ocean in the south to the northern edge of the Tolerand Empire. Now the snow and ice are less than 500 miles form the southern edge of Tannis.

Now, it is 783TE and people are barely scratching out a living and continue to move south, hoping to outrun the ever growing winter.


The Frozen Land Varthlokkur