Lavi Eshtat

Mistress of Death, She Who Waits, Easer of Burdens, Embracer of Life

Symbol: Silver Net
Alignment: True Neutral
Colors: Black, White, Grey

Lavi Eshtat is best known as the Goddess of Death. Her primary role is to help the living complete thier life’s journey and escort them to the start of their next life.

Lavi Eshtat is commonly feared by most people of all races as she signifies and end to life. She is spoken of in fear lest her attention is drawn to the speaker and she takes his life as payment. However, the Mistress of Death does not take life on a whim or as some evil plan. Instead, she helps along those due to die and brings them to the start of their next life, whether that be Heaven, Hell, rebirth or purgatory.

The Mistress’ home is a large, pillared hall of white marble whose ends cannot be seen. At times, one or tow souls can be seen wandering them until Lavi Eshtat can see to them. At times, the hall may seem filled as some war or other event cause a great influx in the dead.


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