Duke Miska De Lasser

Rules the Duchy of Lasloroch from his capital Saranoch.


Miska de Lasser rules the Duchy of Lasloroch from the port city of Saranoch. He is a middle aged man, with bright blue eyes and black hair showing signs of grey. Still physically fit, he can be seen in the practice yards daily working out with his men, though he does most of his sparring with <secretary>. The duke rules with a gentle hand and his work supporting, protecting and helping his subjects has earned their solid fealty.

In the early days of Duke Miska’s reign, the duchy was subject to frequent raids and attacks by the bandits and roving goblinoid bands. He was often seen leading his troops in battle encased in his green enameled armor wielding his blue-glass sword and astride Equinox, his coal black warhorse. His might, bravery and leadership on the field are unquestioned earning his men’s loyalty and trust. They will follow him where ever he commands.

During the years since the Duke had ruled Lasloroch, his has proven an inspirational leader bringing out the best in those around him. Because of him, the city’s population has grown as refugees have flocked to Saranoch.

There is a mystery that surrounds the duke. The city folk of Saranoch do not truly know where he came from only that when things seemed there worst he appeared, with Dark, leading a small group of armed men.


About 10 years ago (773TE), Saranoch was a leaderless port city is disrepair and soon to succumb to the endless ice. At that time, they were under siege by a band of goblinoids. The few fighting men the city, bolstered by the people of the city was scarcely enough to hold the walls. Despair was the rule of the day as Saranoch was sure to fall. In that black moment, a small force of light cavalry broke free of the thickets north of the besieging forces. In the lead was a man in glowing green armor charging into the goblin’s rear ranks upon a coal black horse. Beside him, a mage casting bolts of power scattered the enemy about like chaff. The rest of the cavalry force swept out to either side using bows and then sabers to cut down the goblinoids. By nightfall, the few remaining goblins had fled towards the hills.

That evening, band of rescuers camped outside the walls of Saranoch. The people of the city, concerned that they may have gone from the frying pan to the fire, the city elders sent a delegation to meet with their saviors. When they returned sometime later, they described their meeting with the leader of the warband, Miska de Lasser. As he saw it, Saranoch had something he needed and he had something they needed; each other. Miska claimed that he and his men were the last remnants of an army from very far away. He was looking for a place to rest, a place to call home for him and his men. Saranoch needed leadership and military might for protection and a way to survive the ice. “Accept me as your lord and swear fealty me and I will swear to rule Saranoch benevolently and protect it as my own,” said de Lasser. “Else, we’ll move on.”

The members of the delegation were taken aback. People had already fled to warmer climes and the days of the city were numbered as the ice moved further south. But, there was something about the man so they asked him for three days to bring the proposal back to the people of the city.

The elders of the city, the only leadership left in Saranoch, debated the topic fiercely. They knew that the armed men outside the city could take over by force. They pretty much expected that to happen. But, the offer confused them. Who would want to rule over a doomed city? But, Saranoch was their home and they were reluctant to give it up (we are a stubborn folk). Finally, the elders gathered up the remaining people of the city and put it to them as they felt the decision was too big of a burden for the few of them. The topics as argued for several hours, but in truth the people were just too worn out and desperate. They choose to accept de Lasser as their liege and pray to they were not making a bigger mistake.

Since then, the Duke has worked to strengthen the city and rebuild it. He has driven the bandits and goblinoids bands away, got the city cleaned up and he has given the people hope.

Duke Miska De Lasser

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