Duke de Lasser's magic using companion. Very secretive. No one has seen his face.


Dark is an advisor and friend of Duke Miska de Lasser. His is tall (over 6’), appears thin, Caucasian and male and that’s about all most know about him. Well, he has a very short temper, an acidic tongue and is an able swordsman. Oh, and a powerful spell caster. The reason more is not known is that Dark is very secretive about himself. Only the Duke may know more. Most who deal with him are shaken with a sense of dread and no one refuses his command.

Dark always is seen wears an unadorned hooded cape of undyed white wool. The hood is drawn up and obscures all his head not even a wisp of hair has been seen. He can be seen with either his ornate black and gold staff or his claymore. Occasionally, he comes down to the practice yards to observe the swordplay. Now and then, he can be coerced to display his swordsmanship with a greatsword. All who have fought him have lost, even Riallos the weapons master. A few think that the duke could best him though no such contest has yet been seen.

Despite the skill with a blade, Dark is reputed to be the most fearsome of spellcasters. Wizard, warlock or sorcerer, few have seen him work and many wonder what the source of his power is. He seems to function at Duke Miska’s main confidant, advisor and troubleshooter.



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