The Frozen Land

Refresher - 4/10/2016
Goings on in Tannis

This is a refresher to update where we are at.

On August 27th, the Duke summons his senior Wardens for a meeting. In attendance were: – Duke Miska de Lasser – Dark – The Wardens – Captain Illiash g’Toliad – Ellisandra, priestess of Methgil – Abbott Littice – Aidenaur, rector of the abbey – Dekklar, representative of the Dark Elves

Duke and the Dark relate some of the history of Tannis and the grim world in which you live in today (rapidly advancing ice age and all that). The abbott reveals that they have lost the ability to commune with Methgil. Well, not lost it, but are being prevented from communicating. Interferred with.

Dark reveals that he has utilized a powerful demon to gather information and discovered dire news. The ice age is being caused by a demon prince so as to give it as the world as a gift to another demon lord. The minion is Karzaraistil, a great lord of ice demons. The demon prince is one of the most powerful of the tanar’ri lords; Graz’zt. However, he cannot do the deed himself, he has to use agents to get his work done.

Dekklar adds that this information is disturbing and his queen will be unhappy with the situation and the politics that have led to this. He, the abbott and Aidenaur leave.

The duke reminds the Wardens that he asked them to find Captain Illiash. He has needs of her expertise and a magical artifact in her family’s possession. The item, a compass, is in her father’s possession at the Elven city of Felil Perhillion. The duke wants you to accompany the captain to Felil Perhillion to speak with Breava g’Toliad and borrow that compass.

Dark prepares a teleport spell and gets you within a few days travel of Felil Perhillion. When you near the city, you find it is under siege by an army of Formorians along with ogres, hill giants and war elephants. You discover that something is squelching the magic via Oberon’s parents in the city. After some searching, you discover that the magical pall is coming from the command tents.

A plan is devised where Oberon will create a distraction while the rest of the party sneak in and attempt to disable whatever is causing the magical dampening. As the diversion goes off, the tent is entered. You discover a child (8 or 9), blonde hair, blue eyes and dressed in dirty white garments. He is tied up and gagged at the base of a throne. You free him and fight a big battle and defeat a group of elite fighters.

In the tent was a large smoky fire. You had killed the attendants and smothered the fire. Hopefully, it was the cause of the pall.

The Tomb of Morrisey, Part II

After a brief inspection of the statue, the group continued eastward along the passage. Soon, they entered a large hall. Immediately to their left, an immense fresco stretched along the wall. It depicted a tremendous battle between elves and the forces of Morrisey. Dominant was the imagery of a large golden chariot drawn by two automatons. In it was a finely dressed, handsome man hurling bolts of power at the elven forces. Around the statue stood three women dressed only in painted glyphs also casting spells of some type. Next to Morrisey stands a large figure in black armor, motionless, with his hands on the hilt of a point down greatsword.

Next to the great fresco stands another statue of a man in white armor, hands resting on the guard of his great sword, point down. A red gemstone gleams in the center of its helmet.

The hall stretches northward and disappears into the darkness. Along the wall to the right, several doorways can be seen. The group heads off east into the first of them. A short walk leads to a largish room with many statues of white clad soldiers standing in rank and file. In the center of each of their helmets is a yellow gemstone.

With Eibher standing guard at one end of the hall, Alexander attempts to break a statue by throwing it against the wall. As he hurls it, the clay statue starts to move. Then, all the automatons in the room animate and start to attack. The battle progressed poorly for the group. The statues seemed to take little damage from their attacks and in return, those soldiers did mighty damage. With the battle going badly, the brave adventurers attempted to retreat. Then, Brother Iver fell and while attempting to save him, Alexander took a brutal blow felling him with mighty injuries.

With Ulorich attempting to keep back the clay horde, Junior was able to administer a healing potion to Alexander. Unfortunately, the potency of that draught was weak and did little to help Alexander.

Eibher, with his foe dispatched, ran around to an adjacent hallway and entered the room of clay soldiers. With a quick calculation, he summoned an explosive blast of fire in hopes of destroying the automatons without harming his allies. And, it was successful, destroying many of Morrisey’s creations without harming anyone of flesh and blood. Unfortunately, not all the enemy died and now a troop of them focused on Eibher and started pursuit.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Ulorich was getting pushed back by the sheer volume of the enemies. It was decided to retreat out of the tomb. Junior, not wanting to leave Alexander behind, pretended to be dead next to him. As the golems pursued Ulorich and Eibher, they ignored the hafling thief.

Meanwhile, Eibher, retreating down the hall and providing missile support to Ulorich got attacked from behind by the now animated statue from the room in the middle of the hall. A brief scuffle, knocked him out. Ulorich, attempting to reach the elf, soon got overwhelmed and brought down.

Morrisey’s soldiers, seeing nothing else move, began to return to their original places. Junior, believing that the clay statues had gone out of sight, quickly administered another healing potion to Alexander, bringing him back from death’s door. With Alexander on the mend, Junior check the other group members giving healing potions when needed.

With everyone revived, the group quickly, yet carefully, exited the tomb, noting that the statue in the hallway had resumed its place on the pedestal and made no action to attack the group. Once outside, the Wardens made for camp for resting and healing. Brother Iver, once able, started using his healing arts and spells to bring the health of the group up.

After several days, and feeling much better, the group decided that to re-enter the tomb, much wiser for the wear. Working their way back to the great hall, they checked on the remnant of the clay soldiers. Junior, clinging to the shadow, crept down to their room and verified that the remaining soldiers were back to their original positions, unmoving. After some discussion, they decided to leave them alone and continue to investigate the hall.

Towards the middle of the hall, a new passage way went east. Fearing another room of soldiers, Junior was sent to spy out the chamber. Staying in the dark places, the hafling crept down the hall. Inside were a half dozen or more statues of horses and warbears standing ready to move. However, none showed signs of activity. Though tempted by the large gems in the head of each clay animal, Junior decided to back out quickly and alert the rest of the Wardens. Not wanting to battle another set of automatons, they pressed further up the great hall.

At the end of the hall, the crew could go either left or right. Believing that the right passage lead to another room of soldiers, they send Junior to investigate. The hafling confirmed that, indeed, it was another room of soldiers which they decided it was best left undisturbed.

Following the left passage westward, they eventually came full circle to the entry room. thinking that there had to be more to the tomb, they started looking for concealed and secret passages. After a bit of searching, they found a door in the center of the entry room. Opening it revealed a long, stone stairway heading down.

Events of 11/17/2013

After the events of Port Monroe, life has returned to a normal routine. Patrols, training, and whatnot consume daily life. In the city, some excitement is brewing due to two event. First, a major holiday, the Day of Deliverance, is just around the corner. This is the day that commemorates Duke Miska de Lasser arrival in Saranoch and his acceptance to rule the city. The second item is that Captain g’Toliad has laid down the keel for her new ship; the first ship constructed in Saranoch in over 70 years.

A few days prior to the celebration of the Duke, you are called to a meeting with him. You arrive at his conference room and see that he has already arrived. Dark and Fenton are seated to either side of him. He greets you warmly and gestures for you to sit. Duke Miska informs you that there will be some changes to the Wardens. First off, they will now be part of the military with rank and honors associated with that. Second, each warden is now promoted to lieutenant and given a 5gp/month increase in wages. With that out of the way, the Duke says that he wants the Wardens to start seeking out others to fill out their ranks. He says that he will have need of them in the near future.

Next, there is a party in the Grand Hall to celebrate the Day of Deliverance. Guild masters, city elders and the duke’s officers will all be in attendance. That includes the wardens. As such, the wardens are expected to get their dress uniforms ASAP for presentation at the part. Fenton provided the name of the approved tailor for the uniforms.

After the uniform fitting, Eibher decided to do a little research on the map the group had discovered several months ago. After getting over his fear of paying for something, he hired Pallindor (local sage) to do some research. The sage struck gold and told Eibher that is seemed the map was to the tomb of Morissey.

This region has seen the rise and fall of many kingdoms. Around 600 years ago, a wizard rose to power; the Witch-King Morrisey. He was known for magiks which brought to life things which had none before. He raised up an army of stone creatures to do his bidding. Riding in his chariot of gold, he led his armies and conquered the region along the Ellunar River.

Morrisey’s reign was cruel and tyrannical. The end of his rule was brought about the elves of Evaraelin at the Vale of Setso. The battle pitted the elves against Morrisey’s creatures of stone and his human troops. Ultimately, the Witch-King defeated the elves, but towards the end of the battle several arrows pierced his flesh and killed him.

Morrisey’s wives (he had three) had a tomb built in his honor and laid him in it with many of his treasures and loyal followers. Soon there after, a rebellion rose up in the kingdom overthrowing the three wives and led to a rise of city –states.

With visions of treasure dancing in his head, Eibher informs the other Wardens about what he discovered on the map. It is quickly decided that they should see if they can head out there. However, they need permission from the Duke for a leave of absence. A meeting is arranged and it is determined that if any of Morissey’s magic or knowledge can be retrieved that it would be valuable for Saranoch. The Duke okays the mission and provides travelling supplies.

Travel to the tomb will take about a week. About five days into the trip, the Wardens discover a trail of footsteps. They follow it until nightfall and make camp. During the night, a campfire is seen in the distance. Junior is tapped to scout it out and reports back that the trail they have been following is that of a group of fomorians. Alexander says they should make contact with them and the group agrees (skeptically). He goes up to the campfire with the rest of the group staying well back ready to assist if there is trouble.

Well, the fomorians quickly demand that Alexander disarm himself and a couple of them go to tie him up. He calls for help and attacks. At that yell, Eibher casts his newly acquired fireball. With excellent placement, he hits and injures (or kills) all but four of the enemy. Several more succumb to the flames. With the battle on, Ulorick charges into battle and dispatches to of the ragged foe and Alexander takes down another. At that, remaining fomorians attempt to flee the battle and are chased and cut down.

After that evening’s excitement, the rest of the trip is uneventful and the Wardens come to the area of the Ellunar River by the Hills of Obley where it splits. They cross over the frozen winter and begin to search for the lost tomb. Fortunately, due to the lack of living vegetation, they find the tomb in about a day and a half.

The entrance to the tomb is a pair of oversized, verdigris stained copper doors inscribed with runes and symbols. A quick check for traps reveals none though does show signs of forced entry. Alexander pulls open the door. Inside is a large hall lined floor, ceilings and walls with copper, all covered with verdigris. Several pedestals line each wall and the broken remains of statues are scattered about the floor. At the far end is another pair of patina covered copper doors.

The next set of doors is slightly open and reveal signs of forces entry. This room is lined is highly polished red wood with a black checkered floor. Two pedestals are adjacent to the doors and the broken remains of their statues are strewn on the floor. To the left and right are open doors and two hallways opposite from where the group entered. Going through each door reveals some type of storage rooms now empty.

The Wardens decide to follow the southern of the two passages. Walking down this passage, they find it is covered with a fantastic fresco depicting the life of a mage from childhood to adult hood. The passage opens into a room. In the room is an unbroken statue and the frescos depict a large battle between an army of men versus one of automatons and men.

Port Monroe - 11/10/2013

In the warehouse overlooking the wharf, the group could see groups of guards stationed along it at regular intervals. Pacing the wharf was a familiar figure, Marrow Golst. He was dressed in the same mirror finished plate armor that he wore at Iska. The chaos symbol glared in a lurid red against the steel surface of his armor. Eventually, he summoned a seat and relaxed, apparently sleeping, on the dock.

A plan was formulated. Alexander would rush the pair of guards closest to the warehouse while the rest of the group would assault the four blocking access to Illiash g’Toliad’s ship, Vision’s Path. They would act an hour before sunset.

At the appointed time, the group burst forth. Alexander’s rush knocked over one guard and he engaged the other. The rest fell upon the guards at Vision Path’s dock. As the guards were quickly dispatched other rushed to take their place. Eventually, the way to the ship was opened and the adventurers started to board, Illiash barking orders to her crew to make way immediately.

As the last of the guards were dispatched, Golst stepped up to battle Alexander. Alexander shout for the others to board while he delayed the foe.

“You and your friends have played a joke on me,” said Golst. “My master was not pleased with that which was not the ward. My punishment was … unpleasant.”

It was obvious that Marrow Golst was toying with Alexander. Each of the hero’s blow easily deflected. Those which made contact with the mirrored armor did no damage. Golst, wielding a tremendous greatsword, merely parried only striking out once barely clipping Alexander, but causing much damage.

As Alexander continued to attack, Golst disregarded the blows and then caught his rose etched blade in his right hand. There was a pause. Then, laughter started to issue forth from his mirrored helm. And, it continued, long and chilling.

“Go! Fate has dealt you a worse fate than anything I could do.” Golst let go of Alexander’s sword, still laughing, it echoing in everyone’s ears.

With everyone on the ship, Captain g’Toliad’s crew started towing the ship out of the docks.

The Captain summoned the group, “There is a problem. The two galleys guarding the harbor are underway. They will attempt to stop us. Until we can get out of the harbor and into open water, we are under tremendous risk. Stay out of the crew’s way and keep an eye on those galleys.”

The galley’s started to give chase but the Vision’s Path maintained it’s lead, racing for the harbor’s mouth. The lead galley started lobbing balls of pitch, but a few well placed magic missiles from Eibher discouraged it from getting any closer.

As the captain brought her ship out to open water, she ordered full sail and the Vision’s Path started to leap forward outdistancing her attackers. Soon, the galley’s were out of sight. The captain said it would take a few days to reach Saranoch and assigned a couple of cabins for the group.

Midway through the next day it started to get stormy. Illiash expressed her concern. Storms this time of year came from the west. This was hailing from the northeast bringing an icy cold wind. It was unnatural. She feared that you were sailing into a big storm. Her fears were concerned shortly there after as gail force winds and high swells started assaulting the ship.

The ship’s helmsman knew of a place, Trebott Bay, a few hours a way. If they could reach it, the ship could weather the storm relatively safely. Those few hours on the water were the most unpleasant. As the ship strained under the force of the storm, stores broke loose and water leaked and washed in all over. All the group could do was work the bilge pumps while the ship’s crew fought against the storm to make safety.

That was until the Vision’s Path struck rocks entering the bay. The resulting fury of the crash threw the crew and group around spreading injury indiscriminately. The captain gave the order to abandon ship and everyone scrambled to grab gear, the injured and something to float on. Eventually, everyone made it to shore in the ruins of Trebott.

By morning, the storm had blown over but the Vision’s Path lay broken on the rock obviously wrecked beyond reasonable repair. A decision was quickly made for a few members of the group to take the four day hike to Saranoch to get help, which Duke Miska quickly agreed to.

After the rescue, the Duke and Dark debriefed the Wardens. He grew very grave when he heard about Marrow Golst and told the group to avoid him at all costs. He is very dangerous.

With this mission over, the group got a chance to rest and recuperate.

The First Post

Gaming Diary

The world is locked in a fast moving ice age. 100 years ago, the land was thriving. Now, most of the land is chaos, empires fallen and what few cities remain are fortified against bandits and roving bands of goblinoid and other forces. Each year, the permafrost is further south. Soon, there will be no growing season and no food. The end is nigh.

What has Gone on Before

Prior to November 18th, 2012

The group, currently disparate pieces, travels with a caravan heading to Saranoch. An attack by goblinoid forces a few hours from Saranoch causes the caravan to circle the wagons. A brutal battle ensues until relief from the city comes in the form of Duke Miska of Lasloroch and his cavalry.

After the battle, the duke, who had seen the group fight, asks them to join them at the his keep for a drink and a proposal.

The duke meets the adventures along with his right-hand man, Dark, an enigmatic wizard. Miska wants to start a band of troubleshooters that he can use to put out fires and do various groundwork to dangerous for normal troops. The duke and Dark tell the group that they think the ice age is not natural and that there may be a way to stop this. Helping him would be helping save the world. The group asks for a day to discuss.

The next day, the group of strangers agree and join the duke and thus the Wardens are founded. They consist of Alexander (human fighter), Junior (halfling thief), Eibher (half-elf mage), Riannon (human mage) and Aravel (gnome mage). Later, Iver (human cleric NPC) is added to the group.

Temple of Iska

After several weeks in the duke’s employ, the first mission comes in. Find the city of Iska and the rod of …

The group finds a secret entrance into the Temple of Iska which leads to a gateway to a material plane of fire. There, a residence of black iron rises out of the lava, abandoned. Eventually, their search finds the rod and a young woman, Tian-Ni. The group escape the fiery guardians of the rod and make it back to their own world and out of the temple.

While recovering their horses, they are visited by Marrow Golst and his fomorian lackeys. Marrow takes much pleasure in talking to the group, taking the rod and leaving them tied up to die from exposure. Eventually, the group frees themselves. Pursuit is considered, but realizing they are outnumbered and the tracking difficult, they begin their journey back to Lasloroch.

During their travel back, they realize that it is warmer. This is eventually attributed to Tian-Ni’s presence. She is protected by Iska’s god and emits an aura of warmth. Bringing her back to Saranoch, Dark discovers that her blessing will permit slightly warmer climates around the city which will improve their harvest and spare the city the ravages of the permanent winter, at least for a little while.

Missing Patrols

A patrol has gone missing in the winter locked land beyond Saranoch’s charmed environs. There is some suspicion a wandering band of orcs is responsible. The duke decides to send his troubleshooters, the Wardens, to investigate and eliminate the threat.

After a day’s travel, the Wardens find the trail and grisly remains of the patrol. They decide to follow the trail of the marauders to stop them. Their pursuit leads them to an abandoned dwarven mining town.

Searching the town, they discover a group of fomorians and a mighty battle is waged in which the Wardens win, but are not unscathed.

Before leaving the town, they search a little more and find an injured drow. He is on a mission to discover why the upper world is becoming cold which is starting to reach to the dark elf denizens. The group let the drow be and head on back to Saranoch.

After reporting to Duke Miska, he determines the mission finished.

Recover the Library

It is now high summer. The lands within a couple of miles of Saranoch are farmable and the local populace work hard to take advantage of this.

Dark, through his research, believes that the library of the Barons of Dunhorst may have information that will help them stop this ice age. Unfortunately, Dunhorst is deep in the icey wastes and the baron had decided to stay in his town than abandon it. Dark want you to recover the library and the baron if possible.

Travel to Dunhorst takes about a week. When the group arrives at the town they notice something is odd. Most of the windows are broken and there are various other bits of vandalism. While walking through the city, they encounter some little ice elementals and then a fomorian band. After a quick battle, they clean up the streets and slink thought he town toward the baron’s keep.

Eventually, they discover that the keep is overrun with fomorians. During a quick skirmish on the second floor of the keep, the baron discovers them and leads them to his secret hidey hole. Unfortunately, this gives the fomorians a clue where it is.

While they are recovering in his secret lab, he tells them of an ice demon on the second floor in charge of the invaders. Though a mage himself, he is not powerful enough to deal with the demon. He enlists the group’s aid and loans them some powereful magic items to help deal with the situation.

While talking, the fomorians discover how to access the secret lab and make an attack. The group gets away via a secret tunnel. Back in Dunhort, the group is visited by black cat carrying a message from Dark. He says that he knows there is some powerful force in Dunhorst and it is blocking him from gaining entrance. It is probably an artifact. Destroy it, and he can come help with the evil thing.

The group, with help from clues from the baron, find an icy sphere. Destroying the sphere eliminated the teleport block. However, the group decides to assail the ice demon. The battle with the demon and its minions raged on until Dark appear and laid waste to the demon and any surviving minions.

Scroll of Garnst
November 18th, 2012
Duke Miska summons you to his office. He has two jobs.

One job is to send a small group of emissaries south to the capital of the old empire to seek out any surviving wizards and convince them to come to Saranoch. Riannon and Aravel go as they are more familiar with that territory.

Dark has knowledge of a scroll that has information that he needs. The scroll’s last known location is at Khazad-Durim, a mixed human and dwarf city known for a wizard school and interesting architecture in the mountains. As far as they know, the city still stands despite the permanent winter in those mountains. The Wardens are being sent to recover that scroll.

Khazad-Durim is a locked city and well occupied by dwarves and humans. After some questioning, the group is allowed into the city as guests.

A day of searching reveals that the priests of Diamondbeard have information on the scroll. But, before they release it, they require the group to fetch a magical tabernach. The tabernach has the ability to heal and the head priest is very ill and may die. Get the tabernach and the group will get the scroll.

To assist them, the temple assigns one of their guards, a dwarf name Ulorek Drunkenbeard to accompany them.

Several days travel brings the group to the mountain where the tabernach is rumored to be. Searching the mountain side, they find a cave entrance to an underground facility which appears abandoned. The place is clean with white walls and a white and black checkered floor.

Searching the facility, the group finds a white crystal fountain. While looking at it, a band of ogres enter the room and battle the groups. After much bloodshed on both sides, the ogres are defeated.

November 25th, 2012

After a brief rest, the group continues their search. Unfortunately, the group discovers a 20’deep pit trap the hard way. Junior clambered out of the pit and tie off a rope so the rest of the group can get out.

Further exploration of the underground complex leads to a large corridor. When they enter it, the trap is sprung. The closest end of the corridor closes off and the floor starts to rotate through colors in 10’ squares. The group discovers the blue squares teleports each of them randomly.

The Wardens ended up scattered, but eventually met back up. Junior had discovered a room with a sword stuck in the middle of an altar. This intrigued Alexander and they went to retrieve it. This action awoke the sword’s guardians, big three faced, three armed statues, and a big fight broke out. Eventually, the guardians were defeated in a harrowing battle and Alexander claimed the red and black sword.

Til June 30th, 2013

After many struggles, the Wardens find the Tabernach. However, it is guarded by some very large demonic creature. As the fight progressed, Alexander and Ulorek were knocked out or dazed. Things looked bleak as the cleric struggled to get the group’s fighting strength back on their feet. That is when Junior struck the monstrosity from behind with a killing blow and saving the day.

With a little assistance from Dark, the Wardens made it back to Khazad-Durim and delivered the Tabernach to the priests of Diamondbeard. True to their word, the priests give the scroll to the Wardens who then head back to Saranoch. Ulorek is freed from his servitude and decides to accompany the group to Saranoch.

Upon returning to Saranoch, the group gives the retrieved scroll to the duke and are able to enjoy a little R&R. During that time, Alexander has some research done on the black and red sword he found. Unfortunately, not much information was found, so far. Ulorek becomes a Warden in training.

After a couple of weeks, Duke Miska has another job for his Wardens. He requires the services of a particular ship’s captain, Illiash g’Toliad. She is the captain of the Vision’s Path. Normally, she visits Saranoch once or twice a year. But, it has been over a year since her last visit. The duke cannot wait any longer and wants the group to head to Port Monroe, Captain g’Toliad’s home port and deliver to her a letter from him requesting her services.

Traveling to Port Monroe was uneventful. Most of the lands outside of Saranoch’s influence are covered in snow and ice. However, when the group gets close to Port Monroe, they cross beyond the influence of the ice where spring and summer have not yet succumbed to a permanent winter.

The Wardens eventually bribe their way into Port Monroe. The city is rundown, partially abandoned and not a happy place. The guards appear to be thugs or worse.

Heading down to the waterfront, the group finds the Sturgeon’s Eye a dive of a bar where the sailor’s hang out while in port. The Eye is owned by a halfling, Bit Maplecrest, and had a dozen or so sailors of various races inside. After some discussion, it is discovered that Illiash g’Toliad is imprisoned in the Athenium, Port Monroe’s seat of the government. As far as they can tell, she was imprisoned for being a pain in the ass.

Thinking that they would be in town for a few days, the group gets a set of rooms at the Spinaker Hostelry, an inn that has seen better times run by Millow family, Witton, his wife and their three kids. . Other than themselves, there is one other patron, Barnard Cliftin, a merchant looking for goods to buy.

Once settled, Alexander goes to look for any remnant of his family. He finds their old home abandoned and no sign of them anywhere.

The rest of the group checks out the Athenium and gets an opportunity to speak with Captain Illiash. Nothing is really found out.

After prowling around the city, the group turns in. They are awakened in the middle of the night by a group of guards harassing the innkeeper. A fight ensue’s and all but one of the guards are killed. The last one gets away. Witton, the inn keeper, is frantic and orders his family to pack. They are going to try to escape the city. Alexander gives him some money to assist.

While the group is attempting to figure out their next step, Barnard Cliftin offers his services if they will help him. He knows that they need to get Illiash out of the prison. He’ll help if they will help him retrieve an object that is being kept in the same prison area. After some debate, they agree and head out while it is still dark.

First, they alert the sailors of the Vision’s Path that they are going to spring the captain and to make the ship ready since the plan is to escape via the water.

After evading some patrols, the group is across from the Athenium. Cliftin says he’ll clear the doors and that they should follow when he signals. After a couple of minutes, he signals the group. As they enter the building, they notice that the door guards are probably dead. Inside the Athenium, the group makes their way down to the cell area. After wiping out the two guard stations, they free Illiash g’Toliad. Junior gives the keys to a free prisoner and instruct him to release the others. Chaos ensues.

During the chaos, Cliftin search each of the rooms and finally finds what he is looking for. From there, they flee the Athenium and seek refuge in the maze of back alleys that make up the southern half of the city.

While evading patrolling guards, the Wardens come across a contingent of fomorians hanging out in a warehouse.

After creeping between, through and over the warehouse and offices that make up the waterfront district, they get within sight of the piers. Their hopes of making it to the ship are dampened when they see a heavy guard placed on the docks. One tall officer in shiny plate armor paces the length of the docks.

After some discussion, the group decides to wait in a small warehouse in sight of the waterfront to get some rest, heal up and recover spells so they can make the dash to the Vision’s Path.

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