Alexander Monroe

Debonair, like a silver dagger wrapped on black silk.


General Character Description:
Alexander Monroe, is a tall human standing a a little over 6 feet. He has mid-length brown hair with a few silver hairs on his head, as well as a short full beard and piercing emerald eyes. He stands with an upright though casual stance. Alexander wears studded leather armor with several swords on his person, the longsword “Rose Thorn” on his right hip, and his sabre “Anastasia” on his left.

Character History:
In 773TE I left Port Monroe, after the betrayal of my former wife. I traveled with groups as hired protection, only taking what they could afford. Usually I would end up footing the bill for them, hunting game and keeping everyone safe. Teaching them how to protect themselves, then moving on. Until I took up residence in Lasloroch, helping fend off the goblins. I got swept up in the Dukes forces. Wound up in Saranoch, when the dust settled.

Buy a home, teach fencing, open bakery, and all that stuff… to be continued.

Alexander Monroe

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