The Frozen Land

The Tomb of Morrisey, Part II

After a brief inspection of the statue, the group continued eastward along the passage. Soon, they entered a large hall. Immediately to their left, an immense fresco stretched along the wall. It depicted a tremendous battle between elves and the forces of Morrisey. Dominant was the imagery of a large golden chariot drawn by two automatons. In it was a finely dressed, handsome man hurling bolts of power at the elven forces. Around the statue stood three women dressed only in painted glyphs also casting spells of some type. Next to Morrisey stands a large figure in black armor, motionless, with his hands on the hilt of a point down greatsword.

Next to the great fresco stands another statue of a man in white armor, hands resting on the guard of his great sword, point down. A red gemstone gleams in the center of its helmet.

The hall stretches northward and disappears into the darkness. Along the wall to the right, several doorways can be seen. The group heads off east into the first of them. A short walk leads to a largish room with many statues of white clad soldiers standing in rank and file. In the center of each of their helmets is a yellow gemstone.

With Eibher standing guard at one end of the hall, Alexander attempts to break a statue by throwing it against the wall. As he hurls it, the clay statue starts to move. Then, all the automatons in the room animate and start to attack. The battle progressed poorly for the group. The statues seemed to take little damage from their attacks and in return, those soldiers did mighty damage. With the battle going badly, the brave adventurers attempted to retreat. Then, Brother Iver fell and while attempting to save him, Alexander took a brutal blow felling him with mighty injuries.

With Ulorich attempting to keep back the clay horde, Junior was able to administer a healing potion to Alexander. Unfortunately, the potency of that draught was weak and did little to help Alexander.

Eibher, with his foe dispatched, ran around to an adjacent hallway and entered the room of clay soldiers. With a quick calculation, he summoned an explosive blast of fire in hopes of destroying the automatons without harming his allies. And, it was successful, destroying many of Morrisey’s creations without harming anyone of flesh and blood. Unfortunately, not all the enemy died and now a troop of them focused on Eibher and started pursuit.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Ulorich was getting pushed back by the sheer volume of the enemies. It was decided to retreat out of the tomb. Junior, not wanting to leave Alexander behind, pretended to be dead next to him. As the golems pursued Ulorich and Eibher, they ignored the hafling thief.

Meanwhile, Eibher, retreating down the hall and providing missile support to Ulorich got attacked from behind by the now animated statue from the room in the middle of the hall. A brief scuffle, knocked him out. Ulorich, attempting to reach the elf, soon got overwhelmed and brought down.

Morrisey’s soldiers, seeing nothing else move, began to return to their original places. Junior, believing that the clay statues had gone out of sight, quickly administered another healing potion to Alexander, bringing him back from death’s door. With Alexander on the mend, Junior check the other group members giving healing potions when needed.

With everyone revived, the group quickly, yet carefully, exited the tomb, noting that the statue in the hallway had resumed its place on the pedestal and made no action to attack the group. Once outside, the Wardens made for camp for resting and healing. Brother Iver, once able, started using his healing arts and spells to bring the health of the group up.

After several days, and feeling much better, the group decided that to re-enter the tomb, much wiser for the wear. Working their way back to the great hall, they checked on the remnant of the clay soldiers. Junior, clinging to the shadow, crept down to their room and verified that the remaining soldiers were back to their original positions, unmoving. After some discussion, they decided to leave them alone and continue to investigate the hall.

Towards the middle of the hall, a new passage way went east. Fearing another room of soldiers, Junior was sent to spy out the chamber. Staying in the dark places, the hafling crept down the hall. Inside were a half dozen or more statues of horses and warbears standing ready to move. However, none showed signs of activity. Though tempted by the large gems in the head of each clay animal, Junior decided to back out quickly and alert the rest of the Wardens. Not wanting to battle another set of automatons, they pressed further up the great hall.

At the end of the hall, the crew could go either left or right. Believing that the right passage lead to another room of soldiers, they send Junior to investigate. The hafling confirmed that, indeed, it was another room of soldiers which they decided it was best left undisturbed.

Following the left passage westward, they eventually came full circle to the entry room. thinking that there had to be more to the tomb, they started looking for concealed and secret passages. After a bit of searching, they found a door in the center of the entry room. Opening it revealed a long, stone stairway heading down.



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