The Frozen Land

Refresher - 4/10/2016

Goings on in Tannis

This is a refresher to update where we are at.

On August 27th, the Duke summons his senior Wardens for a meeting. In attendance were: – Duke Miska de Lasser – Dark – The Wardens – Captain Illiash g’Toliad – Ellisandra, priestess of Methgil – Abbott Littice – Aidenaur, rector of the abbey – Dekklar, representative of the Dark Elves

Duke and the Dark relate some of the history of Tannis and the grim world in which you live in today (rapidly advancing ice age and all that). The abbott reveals that they have lost the ability to commune with Methgil. Well, not lost it, but are being prevented from communicating. Interferred with.

Dark reveals that he has utilized a powerful demon to gather information and discovered dire news. The ice age is being caused by a demon prince so as to give it as the world as a gift to another demon lord. The minion is Karzaraistil, a great lord of ice demons. The demon prince is one of the most powerful of the tanar’ri lords; Graz’zt. However, he cannot do the deed himself, he has to use agents to get his work done.

Dekklar adds that this information is disturbing and his queen will be unhappy with the situation and the politics that have led to this. He, the abbott and Aidenaur leave.

The duke reminds the Wardens that he asked them to find Captain Illiash. He has needs of her expertise and a magical artifact in her family’s possession. The item, a compass, is in her father’s possession at the Elven city of Felil Perhillion. The duke wants you to accompany the captain to Felil Perhillion to speak with Breava g’Toliad and borrow that compass.

Dark prepares a teleport spell and gets you within a few days travel of Felil Perhillion. When you near the city, you find it is under siege by an army of Formorians along with ogres, hill giants and war elephants. You discover that something is squelching the magic via Oberon’s parents in the city. After some searching, you discover that the magical pall is coming from the command tents.

A plan is devised where Oberon will create a distraction while the rest of the party sneak in and attempt to disable whatever is causing the magical dampening. As the diversion goes off, the tent is entered. You discover a child (8 or 9), blonde hair, blue eyes and dressed in dirty white garments. He is tied up and gagged at the base of a throne. You free him and fight a big battle and defeat a group of elite fighters.

In the tent was a large smoky fire. You had killed the attendants and smothered the fire. Hopefully, it was the cause of the pall.


Please add any comments of things I may have forgotten.

Refresher - 4/10/2016

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