The Frozen Land

Port Monroe - 11/10/2013

In the warehouse overlooking the wharf, the group could see groups of guards stationed along it at regular intervals. Pacing the wharf was a familiar figure, Marrow Golst. He was dressed in the same mirror finished plate armor that he wore at Iska. The chaos symbol glared in a lurid red against the steel surface of his armor. Eventually, he summoned a seat and relaxed, apparently sleeping, on the dock.

A plan was formulated. Alexander would rush the pair of guards closest to the warehouse while the rest of the group would assault the four blocking access to Illiash g’Toliad’s ship, Vision’s Path. They would act an hour before sunset.

At the appointed time, the group burst forth. Alexander’s rush knocked over one guard and he engaged the other. The rest fell upon the guards at Vision Path’s dock. As the guards were quickly dispatched other rushed to take their place. Eventually, the way to the ship was opened and the adventurers started to board, Illiash barking orders to her crew to make way immediately.

As the last of the guards were dispatched, Golst stepped up to battle Alexander. Alexander shout for the others to board while he delayed the foe.

“You and your friends have played a joke on me,” said Golst. “My master was not pleased with that which was not the ward. My punishment was … unpleasant.”

It was obvious that Marrow Golst was toying with Alexander. Each of the hero’s blow easily deflected. Those which made contact with the mirrored armor did no damage. Golst, wielding a tremendous greatsword, merely parried only striking out once barely clipping Alexander, but causing much damage.

As Alexander continued to attack, Golst disregarded the blows and then caught his rose etched blade in his right hand. There was a pause. Then, laughter started to issue forth from his mirrored helm. And, it continued, long and chilling.

“Go! Fate has dealt you a worse fate than anything I could do.” Golst let go of Alexander’s sword, still laughing, it echoing in everyone’s ears.

With everyone on the ship, Captain g’Toliad’s crew started towing the ship out of the docks.

The Captain summoned the group, “There is a problem. The two galleys guarding the harbor are underway. They will attempt to stop us. Until we can get out of the harbor and into open water, we are under tremendous risk. Stay out of the crew’s way and keep an eye on those galleys.”

The galley’s started to give chase but the Vision’s Path maintained it’s lead, racing for the harbor’s mouth. The lead galley started lobbing balls of pitch, but a few well placed magic missiles from Eibher discouraged it from getting any closer.

As the captain brought her ship out to open water, she ordered full sail and the Vision’s Path started to leap forward outdistancing her attackers. Soon, the galley’s were out of sight. The captain said it would take a few days to reach Saranoch and assigned a couple of cabins for the group.

Midway through the next day it started to get stormy. Illiash expressed her concern. Storms this time of year came from the west. This was hailing from the northeast bringing an icy cold wind. It was unnatural. She feared that you were sailing into a big storm. Her fears were concerned shortly there after as gail force winds and high swells started assaulting the ship.

The ship’s helmsman knew of a place, Trebott Bay, a few hours a way. If they could reach it, the ship could weather the storm relatively safely. Those few hours on the water were the most unpleasant. As the ship strained under the force of the storm, stores broke loose and water leaked and washed in all over. All the group could do was work the bilge pumps while the ship’s crew fought against the storm to make safety.

That was until the Vision’s Path struck rocks entering the bay. The resulting fury of the crash threw the crew and group around spreading injury indiscriminately. The captain gave the order to abandon ship and everyone scrambled to grab gear, the injured and something to float on. Eventually, everyone made it to shore in the ruins of Trebott.

By morning, the storm had blown over but the Vision’s Path lay broken on the rock obviously wrecked beyond reasonable repair. A decision was quickly made for a few members of the group to take the four day hike to Saranoch to get help, which Duke Miska quickly agreed to.

After the rescue, the Duke and Dark debriefed the Wardens. He grew very grave when he heard about Marrow Golst and told the group to avoid him at all costs. He is very dangerous.

With this mission over, the group got a chance to rest and recuperate.



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