The Frozen Land

Events of 11/17/2013

After the events of Port Monroe, life has returned to a normal routine. Patrols, training, and whatnot consume daily life. In the city, some excitement is brewing due to two event. First, a major holiday, the Day of Deliverance, is just around the corner. This is the day that commemorates Duke Miska de Lasser arrival in Saranoch and his acceptance to rule the city. The second item is that Captain g’Toliad has laid down the keel for her new ship; the first ship constructed in Saranoch in over 70 years.

A few days prior to the celebration of the Duke, you are called to a meeting with him. You arrive at his conference room and see that he has already arrived. Dark and Fenton are seated to either side of him. He greets you warmly and gestures for you to sit. Duke Miska informs you that there will be some changes to the Wardens. First off, they will now be part of the military with rank and honors associated with that. Second, each warden is now promoted to lieutenant and given a 5gp/month increase in wages. With that out of the way, the Duke says that he wants the Wardens to start seeking out others to fill out their ranks. He says that he will have need of them in the near future.

Next, there is a party in the Grand Hall to celebrate the Day of Deliverance. Guild masters, city elders and the duke’s officers will all be in attendance. That includes the wardens. As such, the wardens are expected to get their dress uniforms ASAP for presentation at the part. Fenton provided the name of the approved tailor for the uniforms.

After the uniform fitting, Eibher decided to do a little research on the map the group had discovered several months ago. After getting over his fear of paying for something, he hired Pallindor (local sage) to do some research. The sage struck gold and told Eibher that is seemed the map was to the tomb of Morissey.

This region has seen the rise and fall of many kingdoms. Around 600 years ago, a wizard rose to power; the Witch-King Morrisey. He was known for magiks which brought to life things which had none before. He raised up an army of stone creatures to do his bidding. Riding in his chariot of gold, he led his armies and conquered the region along the Ellunar River.

Morrisey’s reign was cruel and tyrannical. The end of his rule was brought about the elves of Evaraelin at the Vale of Setso. The battle pitted the elves against Morrisey’s creatures of stone and his human troops. Ultimately, the Witch-King defeated the elves, but towards the end of the battle several arrows pierced his flesh and killed him.

Morrisey’s wives (he had three) had a tomb built in his honor and laid him in it with many of his treasures and loyal followers. Soon there after, a rebellion rose up in the kingdom overthrowing the three wives and led to a rise of city –states.

With visions of treasure dancing in his head, Eibher informs the other Wardens about what he discovered on the map. It is quickly decided that they should see if they can head out there. However, they need permission from the Duke for a leave of absence. A meeting is arranged and it is determined that if any of Morissey’s magic or knowledge can be retrieved that it would be valuable for Saranoch. The Duke okays the mission and provides travelling supplies.

Travel to the tomb will take about a week. About five days into the trip, the Wardens discover a trail of footsteps. They follow it until nightfall and make camp. During the night, a campfire is seen in the distance. Junior is tapped to scout it out and reports back that the trail they have been following is that of a group of fomorians. Alexander says they should make contact with them and the group agrees (skeptically). He goes up to the campfire with the rest of the group staying well back ready to assist if there is trouble.

Well, the fomorians quickly demand that Alexander disarm himself and a couple of them go to tie him up. He calls for help and attacks. At that yell, Eibher casts his newly acquired fireball. With excellent placement, he hits and injures (or kills) all but four of the enemy. Several more succumb to the flames. With the battle on, Ulorick charges into battle and dispatches to of the ragged foe and Alexander takes down another. At that, remaining fomorians attempt to flee the battle and are chased and cut down.

After that evening’s excitement, the rest of the trip is uneventful and the Wardens come to the area of the Ellunar River by the Hills of Obley where it splits. They cross over the frozen winter and begin to search for the lost tomb. Fortunately, due to the lack of living vegetation, they find the tomb in about a day and a half.

The entrance to the tomb is a pair of oversized, verdigris stained copper doors inscribed with runes and symbols. A quick check for traps reveals none though does show signs of forced entry. Alexander pulls open the door. Inside is a large hall lined floor, ceilings and walls with copper, all covered with verdigris. Several pedestals line each wall and the broken remains of statues are scattered about the floor. At the far end is another pair of patina covered copper doors.

The next set of doors is slightly open and reveal signs of forces entry. This room is lined is highly polished red wood with a black checkered floor. Two pedestals are adjacent to the doors and the broken remains of their statues are strewn on the floor. To the left and right are open doors and two hallways opposite from where the group entered. Going through each door reveals some type of storage rooms now empty.

The Wardens decide to follow the southern of the two passages. Walking down this passage, they find it is covered with a fantastic fresco depicting the life of a mage from childhood to adult hood. The passage opens into a room. In the room is an unbroken statue and the frescos depict a large battle between an army of men versus one of automatons and men.



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